How to show "Get Direction" button in ionic on "google maps marker"?

I am trying to build hybrid mobile app. In my native android App I have implemented “google maps marker” page successfully. In this page when user click “marker” on maps, user get option to “get direction” from the marker.

This is screenshot of my Native android App “Maps” Page.

Now, problem is i am building same “maps” page for hybrid app in IONIC-2 framework. I have successfully implemented the marker option in ionic2 hybrid app, but when i click on marker i am not getting this 2 option is my ionic2 app. I am not getting any clue to implement this.

Please suggest how to get this two option when i click on marker in the maps using IONIC-2 framework. this screenshot is from my native android app, and i am trying to implement same in ionic-2 framework. Please suggest the solution.

Do you have something that handles taps on your markers already? You will need a function that will somehow show the stuff on the bottom right an dprobably gives it some information about the marker so routing (and opening in the native Maps app?) can work.

I am passing “Title” of the marker, nothing else in Ionic2. In native android app, this option are already available no coding is done separately for this. I want to know is there any library or some code is needed to implement the same in ionic?? @Sujan12

No idea if this is somehow natively available in any Google maps implementation for Ionic.

When you create the marker you can also attach some data. That would probably be the one needed to be “given” to the bottom right element that is shown when tapping a marker.