Native map markers problem

Hey all,
I’m trying to implement native google maps in my ionic 2 project but i get an error to set markers clickable.
this is my code to draw markers:

         for (var i = 0; i < mapMarkers.length; i++) {
                var centerMarker = mapMarkers[i];
                 let location = new GoogleMapsLatLng(, centerMarker.long);
                let MarkerDetails = ;
                let markerOptions = {
                  position: location, title: MarkerDetails ,snippet:centerMarker.distance , icon:this._MapService.markerImg
                  .then( (marker: GoogleMapsMarker) => {

it appears on the map but my problem here is
always go to the last marker.

did you solve yours i also have the same problem

No, I’m still trying

any one can help us with this ???