How to share wifi configuration in a NDEF?

I have this app: WiShareNet - an ionic HotSpot with QRcode

I’m looking to add NFC along with the QRcode, any idea how to share wifi configuration in a NDEF ?
using of course.

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So, when I bump my Android phone to your Android phone, yours sends some data via NFC so I can connect to your Wifi?


(No idea how to do that though)


I did it using qrcode ( by encoding this format “WIFI:T:WPA;S:[ssid];P:[password];H:false;” via an angular dependency) , so any qrcode reader recognize it as a wifi configuration and connect to.

I want to do the same using NFC , the connection between the devices works perfect, but i need to know how to “encode” wifi config in the message so the peered device connect to nativly … thats my question.

Would it be useful to write real Wifi-data to a NFC tag and read the raw values using this app?

If you understand the structure that the tag has, it might be possible to implement the same in the ionic app.


Just wanted to post the exact same suggestion, just with this app:

This can also write Wifi stuff on a NFC tag I found out after my last post :wink:

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thanks, this may help,
but depend what nfc-plugin can do.
look similar enough that they probably do the same thing.