How to send sms using sms gateway

how to send sms using sms gateway. actually i want to send sms from my app using sms get way . the purpose of OTP verification .
Please anyone help me

i want to send using get way is it possible to using this plugin? I’m using msg91 getway.
If you have any example of code please give me some example

These are the official docs of Msg91.
Everything you need it in there.
If you use Msg91, the Ionic Native SMS-plugin isn’t useful.

@MattE I don’t understand how to get started.Please help me

What exactly don’t you understand?
Is it REST, using an API or something else?

I have fixed my issue. Thanks for give me your valuable time

Could you explain what the issue was?
Other people might have the same problem in the future.

Sure why not. am sending the sms from backed to the user can i share my code here?

Please do share your code how you achieved to make OTP verification. Will be really helpful for others,

yes please…
I need an OTP Auth Login for a User.