SMS registration like in the mobile app: whatsapp

I want to create a app.there user doing register using mobile whats app.user put the mobile number.and will sending a otp on this mobile number.user receive an otp. and this otp using for verification Such as whatsapp.please help me anyone.

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You can use this for for auto detect OTP.


but how to send otp to the user mobile number.I want to register a user with a mobile number such as whatsapp.exactly i’m try to implement same thing

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For that you have to implement server integration when user enter a mobile number you have to send mobile number to server side and from the server side you have send OTP to mobile number.


thats means otp send from backend or server ?

Right from the front-end it is not possible you need a backend support for this business logic.

The use of such a flow is that you have a user phone number in your database and know that it belongs to the user. So of course you have to send the number to a backend that saves it in a database, then send the OTP from there. Then in the client after entering an OTP you have to compare it with the value in the database.

there should be use any kind of sms api? for sending the otp

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you can go through this to know whole procedure…