How to scroll to a particular section of a modal in Ionic?

I have created an ionic modal as:

         <span id="offer-view">Some Text</span>
         <span id="favourites-view">Some Text</span>
         <span id="coupons-view">Some Text</span>

now this modal is kind of a help section on my app where I have put some information regarding various features of my app.

Now what I want to do is that when a user goes into the favourite view (i.e he goes to the favourite page) of my app and then press on help I don’t want to show him the help section from the beginning…I want my modal to scroll down to the <span id="coupons-view">Some Text</span> automatically.

similarly if he opens help modal on the coupons page the modal should scroll down to the <span id="coupons-view">Some Text</span>.

How can I scroll down my modal depending upon the view opened?