Is it possible to refresh only one ion-item in an ion-list going back?


I have a view with an ion-list with some items in it. These items contain some data, for example a title, a description text and an ion-note element positioned on the right. Tapping an ion-item it goes to another view, where some data are changed in the SQLite database. Coming back to the previous view, I would like to refresh the data showed in a single ion-item (in particular the data to show in the ion-note).

If I understood correctly, because of Ionic caching system, if I want to refresh the data I have to include my method to populate the ion-list in a ionViewDidEnter(). This works perfectly but the effect is not very nice because user navigates to the back view and the list refreshes automatically, letting the content page empty for a second (or less). Another important aspect is that if I refresh the entire list in this way, I will lose the scrolling position.

Is there a way to refresh the content only for one item in the list without losing the scroll position?

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile: