How to open specific tab from other page?

i have following pages

  • MenuPage
  • DashboardPage ( contains tabs )
    - New Task Tab Page
    - Open Task Tab Page
    -Profile Page
  • Detail Page

here menu shows 2 item

  • DashboadPage ( which lead to New task tab default )
  • ProfilePage

detailPage is indepedent page without menu
i want to open Menu->Dashboard->Open Tab page instead of Menu->Dashboard->New Tab page
i tried everything but isnt displaying. it always dispaly Menu->Dashboard->New Tab page
when i set this.navCtrl.setRoot(MenuPage, { }, { }); from detail page

You just need to call that particular page like this “this.navCntrl.push(‘MenuPage’)” while calling another page it’s even better to share your code here I can understand and guide you in much better way

Yeah I know that but I wanted to display 2nd tab when user came from special page.
So I tried ViewChild concept and it works.
Thanks for your help.