Navigating from one tab to another tab subpages programmatically - Ionic 2, beta.11


Hi There,

I have this requirement in the app. The user is in a Modal page which is in tab 1. In this modal page there is a button when the user taps that button it should take the user to tab 3 (select and activate the tab) and also open up subpage 1 under tab 3.

Has anyone done something like this? If you can point me to any blog or resource would be very helpful.

Using Ionic 2 beta.11 and Angular 2 rc.4.

So far what I have tried:

  1. Dismiss the modal.

  2. in tab 1 used this code:

        @ViewChild('myTabs') tabRef: Tabs; 

    this.tabRef = this.nav.parent>{ //up to this it works fine
    this.nav.push(Subpage) //this push opening the page in tab1 instead of tab3. How to I re-set the this.nav to as root or something?

Thanks in advance,