How to open skype from ionic 2 app

Hi, this is my code but its not working plz help

var sApp;
if (‘iOS’)) {
sApp = navigator.startApp.set(‘skype://’);
} else if (‘android’)) {
sApp = navigator.startApp.set(
{ /* params /
“action”: “ACTION_MAIN”,
“category”: “CATEGORY_DEFAULT”,
“type”: “text/css”,
“package”: “com.lampa.startapp”,
“uri”: ‘’,
“component”: [“”, “”],
“intentstart”: “startActivity”,
this.showToast(“Skype::” + sApp);
sApp.check(_ => { /
success /
sApp.start(_ => {
error => { /
error */
this.showToast(“Skype could not be started!” + JSON.stringify(error));
}, error => {
this.showToast(“Skype is not installed!” + JSON.stringify(error));

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Can you define “not working” a bit? Do you get an error?
Where is it not working? What did you test?

I want to open skype from my app. I refered this link but its not working neither open skype nor any error

Plz help in how to open skype from my ionic 2 app

add this line in config.xml
<allow-intent href="skype:*" />

then using an <a href> tag you can initiate a call


<ion-col ">
        <a href="skype:+1234567890?call">
               <button >
                        Click to open Skype and dial the no:+1234567890