Launch external apps with ionic

Hello Everybody,

I try to run with Ionic external apps. for example: I want to run on my app, with the button “start Skype” the app skype. Then Skype should be launched in a separate window.This should be happened also on IOS and Windwos Phone. For this I use the plugin called “startApp” (com.lampa.startapp)

I wrote the following function, unfortunately the apps that I want to run, don’t run on iOS and Windows. On Android it runs only on the test devices, so just on “Samsun Galaxy Tab. 3”

my function:

myApp.controller("launchSkypeCtrl", function($scope) {
	$scope.launchSkype = function launchSkype() {
		var scheme;

	if (device.platform === 'iOS') {
		scheme = 'skype://';
	} else if (device.platform === 'Android') {
		scheme = '';
	} else if (device.platform === 'wp') {
		scheme = 'skype:';
	} else if (device.platform === 'windows8') {
		scheme = 'skype:';

	navigator.startApp.check(scheme, function(message) { /* success */
		navigator.startApp.start(scheme, function(message) {
		}, function(error) { /* error */
			alert("Skype could not be started!");
	}, function(error) {
		alert("Skype is not installed!");



how can I solve this problem?

Thank you

According to plugin documentation:

Phonegap plugin for check or launch other application in android device.