Ionic + Skype Web SDK


I am developing iOS + Android app with ionic and using Skype Web SDK. I already done with coding for Sign in with Skype Web SDk.

The issue is code working fine in Android but not working in iOS.

Please check below code.

                apiKey: '9c967f6b-a846-4df2-b43d-5167e47d81e1'
            }, function (api) {
            console.log(new Date().toLocaleString()+" 2");
                window.skypeWebApp = api.UIApplicationInstance;    
                window.skypeWebApp.signInManager.signIn(options).then(function (test) {
            }, function (err) {
            console.log(new Date().toLocaleString()+" 3");


Its initialising Skype fine but not logging in. I think its the issue of URL whitelisting. But I have cordova-plugin-whitelist installed.

Where does this come from? What library are you using? How are you importing it?

did you able to find it?