How to open Office Documents(.docx, .xlsx) with its native app

I am looking to open office documents(.docx, .xlsx) as editable. I can open the documents and view them in Inappbrowser, but it is read only. How can I make them editable?

If I can open the file with native msWord app intalled on my ipad also solves my problem. Can we do that?

All you need is a ngCordova FileOpener2 plugin:
    '.......', // File location
        error : function(e) { 
            console.log('Error status: ' + e.status + ' - Error message: ' + e.message);
        success : function () {
            console.log('file opened successfully');                

Unfortunately, file location CAN’T be assets folder, it needs to be a real system folder.

This plugin will also not work with Cordova 5.1.1, it’s an error related to Cordova CLI.

One last thing, this plugin will work ONLY if you have an appropriate application.

I wrote a tutorial on this topic, it’s for Android platform but that doesn’t matter, you only need to use appropriate iOS file location.

###Read it here

Good to hear that, There is a way to do it. I will try Today…
Once again thanks Gajotres.

No problem, I’m here to help you as much as I can :smile:

Hi i am using ionic2 and when i am use fileOpener my apk is not build. You have any idea ???