Ionic - Edit MS office documents

I am working on an Ionic app which will pull MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) files from the node server and save them on the device (iPad). We have requirement wherein user will be able to select a MS Office document from within the Ionic app and open it in the native application (like MS Word for .docx files). User can then edit the document and save it back on the device.

I have explored couple of options but they did not help -

  • $cordovaInAppBrowser: only opens documents in Read only view so does not work
  • $cordovaFileOpener2 - in iPad this opens the files in read only view as well, so again does not solve the use case.

Is there a way to launch the document in native software and also have editing capabilities. I am hoping that this would be a common use case so there must be a way to achieve this?