Opening .doc file in ionic

Hi folks,
I would like to know how to open an word document(.doc) and excel .,. etc kind of documents in the ionic browser.
The data will be arriving from server in encrypted format and coming as stream.
opening stream in inappbrowser doesn’t support.
Using iframe can view images but i hope iframe doesn’t support all kind of documents like .doc and ppt.
Any idea?

Hi there @yashwanth493,

Have you taken a look at the Ionic Document Viewer plugin. This may help you along with the Ionic File Transfer plugin if you are wanting to get the document from the web. HTTPS or HTTP shouldn’t make a difference with the file transfer plugin. Make sure to always check a users connection status before grabbing any file from the web, to help with error logging.

Give them a read over and try them out, you should find it works exactly as you are hoping if used correctly.

  • Matt

does ionic file transfer plugin download allows stream data ?

If any plugin would be able to i’d imagine the file transfer plugin would be able to. Not sure there are any other ionic native wrappers for cordova plugins which can handle stream data? Have a read of the docs to see if it can be done.

  • Matt

How do open converted encoded string data in the word format view in ionic app?