Opening the External link in from the Ionic 4 Inappbrowser issue for IOS

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to solve below InAppBrowser issue and we highly appreciate your help on this. Please unblock us thanks in advance.

What we want:

We are trying to convert the existing website into mobile app

What we have done:

We have created ionic 4 application and loaded the existing website using a InAppBrowser and it is working fine.

Problem we are facing:

When we click on the external site links from the app the external site also opening in the same InAppBrowser instead of system browser so we are not able to go back to app in IOS as there is no back button or close button.

What we need:

After opening clicking on the external site links it has to open in the system browser for both Android and IOS. We no need to worry about android as it has back button, Our main concern is about IOS back option or close option.

Options we have tried so far:

Option 1) Open app content in inappbrowser from OnngInit() method of homepage.ts or app.component.ts, then open external link in system browser

Issue: It is opening the external link in a system browser only in Android not in IOS.

Option 2) Open app content in index.html or . then open external link in inappbrowser

Issue: Same issue as above

Option 3) Open app content in inappbrowser , same as above options then open external link in place in the same inappbrowser , but when it’s opening external link, inject another script/css/etc to place a back button on screen so user can use that to go back to previous screen

Issue: did not find any way to implement that.

Option 4) Always display tab bar on the bottom on top of InAppBrowser so that when ever external links open in the same InAppBrowser we can navigate back to app using tab bar.

Issue: InAppBrowser is always displaying on top of tab bar so we can not go back to app from external browser