Open my app from an email link or link in web page (Android Intent)

I’m sending an email to a user who has installed my app and submitted their email address. The email is generated from a template on my server and sent using node MailGun plugin.

Once the user clicks the email confirmed link the default action is for their browser to open with the url that I’m using to send a JSON Web Token back to confirm their email.

Having the browser open is not desirable but I think it’s something I have to live with. My preference would be to have my already installed app open instead of the browser, by using an Android intent.

If stopping the default action of the browser opening is not possible my second preference is to have my JSON Web Token link point to a page on my server that has a link that calls an Android intent in my app to have it open.

I’ve seen the cordova web-intent plugin but several Stack Overflow posts like this one make it seem unnecessary.

Is this possible either with or without the web-intent plugin? if so what should my intent and corresponding link look like

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I was able to get the less preferred condition of launching the app from a link in a page opened in the browser from another link sent in an email. I used this Custom-URL-Scheme Cordova plugin instead. I found it a little more straight forward to use than the Cordova Web-intent plugin mentioned above.

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Try to use Ionic Deeplinks, solved it for me.

@deivide i have gone through the documentation but i am sure i missed something.
can you tell me steps to implement?

@deivide which link should i give in email?.