How to make simple div to be scrollable?


I have some div with fixed height, lets say 100px.

Here is snippets of HTML:

<div class="theroot" style="height='100px'">
       <button class="backbutton" ng-repeat="contact in attendees">

I have about 30 buttons and to let to user to see all buttons, I need to add scroll to theroot div.

I tried to add style: overflow: auto; but nothing happens.

The ion-scroll I can’t use, it demands me to use class item. Sometimes more then one button can lay on one row

How to do that?

This may answer your question?

Something like this:

But how this example is help me? I can’t use ion-scroll (as mentioned in question). I just want to simulate overflow: auto;. Ion-scroll gives me one button per line (item). But sometimes if buttons are short enough , I’ll put 2 items in one line:


Or there is no way but use ion-scroll


Something like this ?


Excellent!! Thank you sir. Sounds like I had other issue that caused to ion-scroll to work by different way.