How to make automation testing for native plugins


I am working on an application and I need to implement automation testing (both unit testing and end-2-end testing). For e2e tests I am using the emulator, but how do I run unit tests in a headless environment, for example, Shippable without using an emulator?

I actually need to test SQLite queries from my services and I cannot do this because I am using a native plugin for SQLite that is not supported in a headless browser (Chrome in this case).



Nobody has any idea how to unit test SQLite?

I have been struggling with this. I came up with one idea of how to test and I wrote about it here:

I could not find any other guidance which is the only reason I wrote the article. I’m not 100% sure its the right way to go about unit testing SQLite.

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I had trouble finding any concrete solutions, but this is a step in the right way. Thank you!