How to make a draggable Fab?

Guys, I need to make a draggable Fab button which will be place where ever the user wishes to position it. I have try an animation tutorial ( but no effect is been perform. Pls guys, any help will be appreciated.

Did you try the full example on the tutorial?

I have used Draggabilly in the past, but Josh’s version seems easier to me (and more angular)

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Yea, I try the full tutorial i dont why the function, but did you used it and it worked? bcos i would also prefer the josh cos i want it for the entire project and its also more angular.

nope, didn’t try it. And would love to do so, but a bit short on time

Working fine with me

Only the FAB needs some rework due to its position relative to the click

ps. the tutorial has a small flaw as ionic generate uses a different directory to store the directive. But that was an easy fix

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kk thanks man, i would check that out too

Can u elaborate on that?

If you click the FAB (with PC) then you’ll note that the FAB is slightly offset from the location where you click. Looks a bit unnatural. Don’t know how it looks on touch device.

That is why I said that a bit of rework might be needed.

I also notice this. but I made a component out of it and the offset scales to how deep I put it in the element tree. If I put the component in the root app the click offsets to top left corner

I have a problem with Josh’s version. The buttons/div’s will flow out of the screen size. I want it to be bounded inside the dimensions of the screen. Any suggestion ?