How to launch App from hyperlink?

I am wanting to create a share facility in my app which links to the section currently being viewed (I have deeplinks setup in my app config to handle things once this link is hit) but how do I allow it so that I can create a hyperlink for somewhere like twitter or email? And let users click the link to download the app or open it and go to the link?


You have to use custom URL schemes.

There is a post in Ionic’s blog.

Do I need a website with a custom URL set up the same as the app?

I have never implemented custom url schemes, but according to this blog post, yes. Or, at least, a domain with the custom url scheme set (for Android, a manifest file).

Thanks for your response. I guess I understand the concept, however it is this part that I can not get my head round :slight_smile: In the guide it says:

Configuring Universal Links (iOS) and App Links (Android)
To configure iOS and Android, we need to enable Universal Links for iOS, and App Links for Android (6.0+). This process is primarily done on the server side of your website. You’ll publish a specific json file for iOS and one for Android, ensure your site is using HTTPS, and then configure your app to open in response to links to that domain.

I’ll publihs a specific json file in my web app somewhere?

There are links in the post with instructions for both Android and iOS.
But, as far as I understand, yes: you will have to publish files (for Android it’s a .xml, not json) in your web app (under some domain).

Thanks… ill try to get my head around those instructions.

I have been reading the instructions and cannot understand (for android) where to publish the file which links the app to the website. Agh.

Hi All,
How to do this for Windows APPLICATION?

Same problem here! how can this be done for Windows? :grin: