Questions about deeplinks

My app should react to deeplinks. A deeplink must be able to open a specific view of the app.

I followed this tutorial but I got some doubts.

The tutorial says:

To configure iOS and Android, we need to enable Universal Links for iOS, and App Links for Android (6.0+).

Will this plugins only work in Android 6.0+? How About 4.3 or 5.0?

This process is primarily done on the server side of your website. You’ll publish a specific json file for iOS and one for Android, ensure your site is using HTTPS, and then configure your app to open in response to links to that domain.

For Android, it pretty much Just Works from the plugin install above. However, for iOS, you’ll then enable the domain in the Associated Domains section of your entitlements, with the form

Screenshot 2016-06-10 11.38.33

You may also need to enable the entitlement from the Developer center for your app.

It’s not too much clear to me. Do I need to set something in server side to use deeplinks in Android?