How to know my iOS app Universal URL

This is the scenario:

  1. I have an Ionic4 app running in iOS, with package name com.myapps.app1
  2. I have a second Ionic4 app, also in iOS, from where I want to launch app1.

I installed the App Launcher plugin and runnig this code on a button on the 2nd app:

let options: AppLauncherOptions = { };
options.uri = "https://com.myapps.app1/";

      .then((canLaunch: boolean) => {
	  	if (canLaunch) {
	  	} else {
	  		alert('App is not available');
	  .catch((error: any) => alert(error));

Then I go to my phone, opens App1 and then open App2 and push the button, and it says the app is not available. If I change the uri to “com.myapps.app1://” then I get an error saying that there is no app installed for that uri.

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?


If i get the App Launcher Plugin correctly, it uses Deeplinks for IOS and the BundleId for Android. So your Code should work for Android. For IOS you have to initalize Deeplinks:

Then check on which Platform you are running and use it like in this Example: