How to integrate ionic2 with angularfire2+firebase3

That was easy to integrate ionic2 with angularfire2 we give defualtfirebase url, now with firebase3 there is object of firebase info with key and api related some stuff, that has for html based project not for ionic, how cani do that to run ionic2 project with angularfire2+sdk3, any documentation to do that any link?

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Angularfire2 has been updated for the Firebase 3.0 SDK

I gave it a go but went back to my own minimal integration code which abstracts the Firebase specific code (replace $key with id etc) and works with the hot module reloading in webpack.

With the new Firebase, you need more than just a URL when setting your defaultFirebase().

You need a whole object, containing an API key, authentication domain, and other properties.
But it’s all easier than it looks, in fact you can just copy and paste that object:

  • Go to
  • In the top right hand corner, click “Go to console”
  • Select the project you are working on
  • Select the button that says “Add Firebase to your web app”
  • Copy and paste the config object