Ionic2 & Firebase 3


Any idea if there is a good tutorial or example on how to integrate firebase 3 with Ionic 2 ? More specifically, I’m looking as to how to add it to Typescript typings so that it doesn’t throw these kind of errors.

TypeScript error: /.../app/pages/home/home.ts(30,9): Error TS2304: Cannot find name 'firebase'.

And is the new way of using Firebase to simply include it from a static resource ?

Thank you !

Blow url is a good tutorial.
But my ionic 2 app works well by ionic serve,does not work at android app.
can not find firebase.
If solve this issue, plz post.

Funny that there is no proper guide in Ionic’s site about this topic and we have to rely on ‘blow’ urls.
All I come across are blogs and nothing official. Everything seems broken.
Even the blogs are not upto snuff.

Hey if you need an up to date guide you can check this one.

It’s a series of tutorials to get started with Firebase.

By the way, those errors that are shown in the first post aren’t related to Ionic but to Firebase typings (or the lack of them)


Run this command in your command line:
In your project folder:

npm install firebase --save
npm install -g typings
typings install --save firebase

See my full video tutorial on firebase 3 + ionic 2. Dont forget to subscribe