How to install Ionic 4


Hello Everyone,
am trying to find out how to install ionic 4 so I could start playing with it a little. Thanks guys.


You’ll need a flux capacitor, a gray Delorean, and 1.21 jigawatts.

(It hasn’t been released yet :slight_smile: )


Guessing you mean Ionic 5. This blog post and the readme on github give install details.


That’s not Ionic 5. That’s Ionic Native 5.

I haven’t seen much on how to try it out.
There was a blog post about utilizing Ionic 4 with Vue.js, but that’s a different situation than Ionic Angular.

The same person also posted about utilizing Ionic 4 with Angular 1.6, but again it’s a bit different.


Oh, totally my bad. Although worth it for the link using vue.js. Thanks!


S’all good. Just wanted to clarify that Ionic 5 isn’t a thing before Ionic 4 is :wink:


You can download the ionic repository, checkout the core branch and look in the demos folder to find examples.

I had a look in the angular demo myself but it required you to build the core package and the angular package and copy it to the node_modules folder which is a bit cumbersome (even if there is a script for it).

The conference app was added recently in the demos folder, although incomplete, seeing how the commits are coming these days I’d say not for long.


npm install -g ionic@4.0.0-rc.9

You can check last published version in ionic versions


This is a good way to start by starting a new project that is.