Create an Ionic4 application with Angular6

I created a post to show how to create an Ionic 4 application which works with Angular 6+.

It’s often a mess to install it by following the github instructions, maybe more clear for normal people here

Have fun!

Interesting tutorials, thx :thumbsup:

Regarding “Step 1”:

  • Why forking the repo and extracting etc.? just cloning it locally would be enough no?

    git clone
  • Maybe would be cool if you would add “Ionic” to the “Step 1” title. Didn’t had my coffee and I was confuse about what to clone to begin :joy:

    Step 1: Fork the Ionic github repo:

or if you use clone at the end

     Step 1: Clone the Ionic GitHub repo:

There is an easier way to get a v4 project set up, if you just install the latest version of the CLI:

npm install -g ionic@rc

and then set the following flag (not sure if this is still required):

ionic config set -g features.project-angular true

Then you can just create a project as normal with ionic start and you will be given the option to choose if you want a v4 project.


Or forget about ionic cli, use the more powerfull ng cli with an include of the ionic lib in index.html

Use capacitor or cordova cli to build native

Only make sure you build into www not dist folder

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Josh, is there any documentation anywhere on getting started with Ionic 4 alpa? I’m not exactly sure where to start and also I want to be sure I don’t mess anything up with my current Ionic 3 projects (can I play with Ionic 4 safely in that respect?)

Yes but I doesn’t provide the very last version, only the RC nom published version

thanks for your time, I’ll change it :slight_smile:

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There isn’t anything official that has been released yet, I think you could expect that when they “officially” launch the beta. The current version isn’t really intended for mass public consumption right now.