How to install ionic 2 beta

I have specific requirement
How to install ionic 2 beta
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  1. Which one?
  2. Why? Thre are so many bugfixes in the release version and updates to these.

Hi @Sujan12,
I really don’t know all what is specified is ionic 2 beta.
I tried npm ionic@2.0.0-beta.11
it returns to me errors
I want to use Saesforce Mobile SDK and the problem isn’t compatible with ionic 2.2.2 I am using.
So i need to change the version to the one specified in this article (Th only article published about ionic 2 and salesforce).
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You can see in package.json which exact version was used:

I still highly recomment you find another solution as soon as possible. 2.0.0-rc.3 is ancient and you will have so many problems with other stuff.

is there as a cordova plugin… so it is independent of ionic framework.

I do not see why you should not use a final version of ionic.

Only the demo app you shared is written with ionic 2 beta

Thanks a lot for answering this issue.
The problem when i add the cordova plugin of salesforce Mobile SDK.
ionic plugin add
When ever i run my app on my external mobile I receive this error
no resource found that matches the given name ( at 'icon' with vaue '@drawable/sf_icon')
this error makes me crazy.

Should I install this version ?
Thank you