Ionic2 & salesforce mobile sdk plugin

hi guys,
did any of you succeeded in impl ionic2 (3.0.0) & SalesforceMobileSDK plugin?? i just want the OAuth2 flow (login screen etc…).
i saw this tutorial which is the only one out there in WildWildWest but it’s not working and trying to install the plugin causes conflicts.

So tell us what is “not working” and what “conflicts” it causes. Maybe we can help.

after adding the plugin (no ionic native impl) via: cordova plugin add

i got this build error :

and when i’m forcing the installation using --force i can’t build an apk

What does it change in config.xml if you --force?
This doesn’t really seem to be caused by Ionic though. Did you look at the Github issues of the plugin?
Does this also happen if you start a “blank” project with Ionic and only add this plugin?

That is the typical Salesforce Mobile SDK behaviour :wink:

Best praxis:

  • install ios or android platform
  • install the salesforce sdk (always with force)
  • the apk you can only build via Android Studio

Android studio: You have to import via Gradle and accept all updates.

Then it will work.