How to implement realtime Naviguation on ionic 3 withe goole mpas

how can show my position like this : mypostion

Why to implement navigation app with google maps when Google Maps App already exists?

Maybe you have to consider redirecting users to their native maps application for navigation.

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Creating realtime-navigation is prohibited by Google Maps API terms.

( c ) No Re-Creating Google Products or Features. Customer will not use the Services to create a product or service with features that are substantially similar to or that re-create the features of another Google product or service. Customer’s product or service must contain substantial, independent value and features beyond the Google products or services. For example, Customer will not: (i) re-distribute the Google Maps Core Services or pass them off as if they were Customer’s services; (ii) create a substitute of the Google Maps Core Services, Google Maps, or Google Maps mobile apps, or their features; (iii) use the Google Maps Core Services in a listings or directory service or to create or augment an advertising product; (iv) combine data from the Directions API, Geolocation API, and Maps SDK for Android to create real-time navigation functionality substantially similar to the functionality provided by the Google Maps for Android mobile app


yeah but waze use the same functionality with google maps api

i need to implement inside my app
i see more apps like WAZE use the same functionality

In this case, I can not help you.

Are you sure of what you say?

yes i am use waze every day

waze is Google company

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thank you for reply
so why i can do to use google maps navigation in my app