How to go from place to another place with realtime postion (google map)?


Hey , guys slight_smile:
with Google Map (javascript sdk) how to go from current user location to another place with realtime tracking to postion ?


What exactly should the app do when and why?


i view place (information & it`s map) i want the app deliver the user from his location to this place location ?


Ok, so you want to show him the route from his current position to the location you showed in the app?


Yes , and the app go with (dliver) the user to the place ?


Sorry, I don’t understand.


i also tried that thing…could you help me out how i can implement real time tracking inside an app. in ionic 1
Thanks in advance!!


Create a new topic where you describe what you want to do in the correct category (“ionic v1”) and don’t hijack other, old threads please. Thank you.