How to implement Infinite Swiper slides to represent calendar daysfor daily tasks

Hi i am completely new to ionic and app development in generall so my question might be to broad or all over the place but here it goes.

i want to create something like a daily task planer and you can swipe left and right to go a day backwards or forward. I am getting data from a database representing each day with their respective tasks.

i have seen Swiper.js which handles the left and right swipes and im using a custom component to represent the days and implemented it like the following:

    <swiper-slide *ngFor="let day of days">
      <app-task-day [day]="day"></app-task-day>

with days being public days: DayWithTasks[];
I have seen that there is also Virtual Scroll | Ionic Documentation but im unsure if it fits my usecase

I am also a little bit lost as to how to implement “infinite” swiping because im not limiting the amount of days one can have. so when loading the days from the database it wouldnt make sense to load all of it at once but do it progressivly. do i just load them incrementaly when the user is nead the edge of the array and just update the existing array days by adding element at the start/end?

So i guess my question is whether this is even the right approach to create such an app or is there a recommended way to implement this functionality?