Swipe recognition

Im building and app that requires a horizontal slider. So I search on the web a slider that I liked and came up with this : https://github.com/gilbox/infinite-slider/blob/master/README.md
The problem is that after installing it and adding it to my project I can’t swipe left or right, like in the demo.
I looked at the console log, and no errors showed up; it simply doesn’t work.
Has anyone come up with this problem before?
Its kind of hard trying to correct something that doesnt show errors :confused:
If someone could help me I would really appreciate.:slight_smile:
The code that I am using is this :smile:

<ion-view  >
     <div infinite-slider-boundary class="infinite-slider-boundary infinite-slider-window" >
        <div infinite-slider snap classify-closest classify-snapped closest-item-id="closestItemId" is-jumping="listData.isJumping" snapped-item-id="listData.snappedItemId" class="infinite-slider-container">
          <div infinite-slider-content class="infinite-slider-content">

            <div class="slide" ng-repeat="item in listData.items track by $index">
              <img draggable="false" ng-src="{{item.img}}" alt=""/>



My js:

.controller('ListingCtrl', function($scope,$rootScope,$state,$stateParams,$sce) {
var imgs = [
  img: 'img/categorias/icons_Bombinhas-06.png',
 link: 'img/categorias/icons_Bombinhas-06.png'

  imgs = imgs.concat(imgs);

  $scope.listData = {
          isJumping: true,
          snappedItemId: 1  // this works!