White screen after splash and before app with Ionic React

I’m trying my app on android. I changed my splash screen in Android studio, but I still have .5s of white screen between my splash screen and my app.

Any solution ?


The timing of the splash screen can be controlled via the config.xml (if using Cordova). The other option is to use the SplashScreen plugin which will give you more control as to when it is dismissed.

I’m not using Cordova. But the splash screen is the first image, not the white page after

As you can see :confused:

By default, I think the splash screen auto-dismisses after 3 seconds. You need to override that value and manually dismiss it once the app is loaded. See: https://capacitorjs.com/docs/apis/splash-screen

did you get any solution ?
I’m also having the exact same issue and spent much time on get rid of this, but untill now all in vain