How to fix this npm error installing camera module?

Hello Everyone,
Am getting some errors while installing camera module. how to solve the issue. my setup versions images are attached below.PFA


Hello @Irshad08,

@ionic-native/camera needs RXJS 5 or 6, but you’ve installed RXJS 7.
Run npm i rxjs@^6.5.0 to solve this issue.

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@ionic-native is deprecated (was deprecated 2 years ago) and replaced with @awesome-cordova-plugins.

So, uninstall all the @ionic-native packages you have and replace them with the equivalent @awesome-cordova-plugins packages. They should be compatible with RXJS 7.

Hi i Downngraded the rxjs version still not working.

ok thank so much for your help.

I will try and I hope it works.