Ionic-img-viewer doesn't work - lot of warning

Hi to everyone. I’m trying to follow this tutorial from ionicacademy but I have a problem with npm install --save ionic-img-viewer . I’m trying to build a gallery in my app and this tutorial it’s the best that I’ve found for my needs.

If I try to install it, it retrieves a lot of warning that I don’t understand and I’m not able to understand if this is correctly installed or not.

What I must install before img-viewer?

I solved doing npm i rxjs@5.5.2 and npm i ionic-img-viewer@2.8.0

it seem it is installed. Try it.
If it isn’t working take a look to package.json, what version of ionic-angular is installed.

For understand versioning in package.json this helps.

Best regards, anna-liebt.


If you are using an editor like vs-code, then there extension that helps dealing with versions in package.json.

Best regards, anna-liebt

thank for your reply. If I continue with the tutorial, when insrc/app/app.module.tsi put
import { IonicImageViewerModule } from 'ionic-img-viewer'; and IonicImageViewerModule
if I run my app with ionic-serveI have a new error
Senza titolo 1

I tryed to reinstall rxjs but nothing worked!


the errors says that maybe an import is missing anywhere of rxjs.

If you member og ionicacademy, you can maybe ask somebody there.

I have took a look to your link.
As it looks not to be maintained component.

Maybe you are looking for a better maintained component with full access to it.

Best regards, anna-liebt

No I’m not a member of ionicacademy, I’m not a professional developer, I’m using ionic for a university project.

what do you mean with " it looks not to be maintained component" ?


it looks that at the time the article wrote, it maybe works at his configuration, but never updated again. The comments are telling from problems, but never answered.

Can you take a look to your package.json, what rxjs is installed?

Best regards, anna-liebt

I solved doing npm i rxjs@5.5.2 and npm i ionic-img-viewer@2.8.0
I would like to thank you for your time :slight_smile: