How to export APK file?

i cannot export APK file.what is the order have to do?

Hi Sahan,

I am also new to Ionic, but I can probably help you here.

Were you able to build for specific platform?
command - ionic build android

if your build is successful the apk will be present under

If you have ionic view installed on android phone you just need to run command on your PC
ionic upload

provide your ionic site username and password it will upload to your virtual repository which can be viewed on ionic view app on your mobile using the same credentials

Please let me know if you still need more clarification

Thank you.i found that.but “android-debug-unaligned.apk” also have.dont know why they export 2 APK files.

This even I am not sure, I observed this yesterday itself :slight_smile: Never mind as long as the default apk works fine

If you mean how to create a release build for publishing see Publishing your app.

thank to optimize images and ionic code?any reference links?