Build Apk in ionic

Please tell me step by step procedure to take Apk in ionic

Hi, @ApproTechnologies
For building Apk in ionic:
1.)First, you need to fire ionic Cordova build android command in terminal.
2.)Then in the terminal, there is one debug Apk path is generated.
3.)You can go to that path and take that file which is most generally named as app-debug.apk.

You can use this:

1.We can add platform (andoid,ios)
ionic cordova platform add android
resources also include for above command.
when successfully resource completed. Next follow given command
2. ionic cordova build android
This is build android command.
that is it now your debug apk is available your platform folder.
Thank you!

Thank You Mr.karthikaivel
After put this command ionic cordova build android
this shows below please help