How to do "App Abandonment" and "Marketing Automation" with ionic?

Hi Guys,

We are focusing on increasing Engagement and Retention in our mobile app. This is why we are looking for Mobile Marketing Automation Platforms like Appboy (

Do you know how we can do these kind of use cases in ionic, or do you know any product that is working with ionic?


Is the new Push Project of ionic built for this purpose :

Hi! Did u guys find a solution? We also would really like to integrate Appboy. We are aware of Ionic Push but it’s been impossible to see the dashboard and filtering possibilities. Also the fact that it’s in Alpha makes me initially think that it is not developed enough, as Appboy is. Any comments are most welcome :slight_smile: And thanks in any case!

Unfortunately i guess ionic push is not at the marketing automation level. We are still sending the push manually (systematicay) without any services.

We decided to try Amazon SNS, this seems the best for transactional push.