How to do a login system

Hello to all guys, I’m trying to make my first application but I have a problem.
I would like to make a login system that takes data from a database (uploaded in the internet), but I would only use client side languages, how can I do?

Sorry for my english


This totally depends on what Database you are using to gather the users data.
You’ll have to do some sort of ORM and/or Query methods on your database URL or ref

Can you explain a bit more about how it works please?
What do you advise me to do?

What database are you using for your users?

If you are using javascript only as your client-side lanuage, you can’t

Tell us a little more about the database you’re using.

Basically you’ll want to be running a server which hosts the database. Your client makes requests for data to the server, for example by using the $http angular service to send a message to the server asking for specific data. The server looks at the message and responds accordingly by sending a message back.

So you’ll likely want to know something about servers and server side languages too, like PHP or NodeJS, or by using a service like Firebase which can be easier depending on the project.

None of this is extremely hard, but it’s not easy to explain in one post how to set up a server and a client, there are many different ways to do it, languages to use, databases to use and it depends on your project. I really suggest looking for some tutorials on javascript in general, like signing up for TeamTreehouse or Codecademy or something like that. In any case it doesn’t have much to do with ionic, so while it’s fine to ask here, you may find another place more useful.

Excellent advice from @abbara there.

As he said, if you’re going to be communicating with your own database server, you’re going to need a server side language of some kind.

My Ionic applications are all built upon MySQL and PHP to handle all the database interactions, as @abbara said none of it is that difficult (once you know how to do it and have some experience) but if you give us more specifics we’d be able to help you more effectively :smile:

Nice @abbara
I also need some advice…
Which one is better and easier to build mobile apps …

  1. Ionic with node express mongodb as backend service… or…
  2. Ionic with backend service like firebase / parse / aws amazone / google cloud endpoints.
    Regarding point no.2, which one is better?? If i’m not mistake… firebase is easier to implement… but aws n google cloud endpoints free plan are the best.
    Thks for ur help.

Hi sciu,

I really have very little experience with the backend so I can’t say. But I’d really consider which one is most familiar and easiest for you, as you’re probably not creating a server used by 100 million people, so you don’t need to bother too much with getting the fastest and most efficient system. I’d look on youtube to see if you can find some tutorials for Firebase or e.g. Amazon and look at what looks easiest and most familiar to you.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

you may look at strongloop and use it or implement your own, in any case, it should be isolated from the front end app