How to disable remote debugging in android with capacitor

I built an APK with --release flag.
But still the app is showing in chrome://inspect.
Is there a way to disable remote debugging.

I have tried adding android:debuggable="false" in Manifest.xml
Also tried adding "webContentsDebuggingEnabled": false, in capacitor.config.json.

Can anyone help me with this.

What is the exact way you build the Apk? When using Capacitor, didn’t you build via Android Studio?

I did with android studio.
command used:
ionic capacitor build android --prod --release --verbose

Ionic commands and its parameters don’t have any effect on the Capacitor native build, you are just building a release web build, but still a debug native build.

From Android Studio you can do a Build → Generate Signed Bundle / APK and install it after it’s generated and your app will be a release app and won’t appear on chrome://inspect

The webContentsDebuggingEnabled will just disable the WebView debug, but will still be a release build.
Anyway, to make it work, it should go inside android object, something like:

"android": {
    "webContentsDebuggingEnabled": false

Actually I built with → Generate Signed Bundle / APK
And its still the same

Adding this fixed the issue