Is it possible to debug an apk with Chrome DevTool?

I know ho to debug an Ionic app using the command "ionic cordova run android" and Chrome DevTool.

The question is, is it possible to debug a deployed app (apk) in a similar way?

I have a problem, on my app, that appears only after generating the apk non running it with “ionic cordova run android”.

How can I debug this app?

thank you very much


you would need a device with remote debug enabled (you should be on the same network) or via usb cable, the apk shouldn’t be signed.

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Yes thank you.

I’ve tried with both signed and unsigned apk, but on Chrome DevTools I see “No browsers detected.”.
The webview of the Ionic app isn’t recognized.
If I open a Chrome on the mobile device, then I see that the DevTool on my pc sees this browser.

With “ionic cordova run android” the debug works.


are you trying with remote debug via network or cable? they should be visible on remote devices tab on chrome, make sure you enabled the discover usb devices option, if you’re doing this via network, you should follow the instructions to connect it via adb, then should be available on chrome.

usb cable

yes discover usb devices is enabled
I can see the device and it is connected.
I’m following this guide:


ok, I’ll try

I suppose usb debug is already enabled, but it’s weird, if you open a tab on chrome in your device with a random page, it should be visible on remote devices, if not, the problem is some where else, don’t know if xiaomi has got restrictions or what.

In my case i switch the mode of usb, from “Transferring archive media” to “Charging”