How to disable input form validation

Hi everyone,

How do I disable the form validation in the input?

With the beta 8 update, a colored bar appeared at the bottom of the input.

I wish to remove it.

Thanks in advance

Resolved this myself.

The bar can be removed using the following css

.item-input::after {
border-bottom-color: transparent !important;

I disabled here using:{ border-bottom-color: transparent; }

Now, my form works perfectly! :slight_smile:

doesnt work for me. did something change by now?

.item-inner {
border-bottom-color: transparent !important;
box-shadow: none !important;



Yes the answer from cklaffer works for me too!

I have also added ion-item selector. Password inputs still show the color bar if not included.

.item-inner, ion-item {
  border-bottom-color: transparent !important;
  box-shadow: none !important;

thanks , it’s working

Yes, this is the answer. Thanks

its work bro. thanks a lot

This solution is perfect !!!

None of this worked for me in Ionic v4, but I managed to make it work with this:

.item-interactive {
  --highlight-background: transparent !important;

this will disable the feedback (valid or invalid)

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