How to disable crosswalk notifaction


i installed crosswalk in my build but when i tried the app in android when i sent push notification from server to device the notification show twice one with app logo another with bell logo how to disappear the bell notification i think it is crosswalk notification

Ionic crosswalk problem

Did you confirm that this is a “crosswalk notification” by removing crosswalk and testing again?


yes sir i reinstall app without crosswalk only one push arrive :sweat: :sweat:


but i need to use crosswalk to support old devices :sweat:


Yes, makes sense. I just wanted to make sure that you really know that this is caused by Crosswalk. (Unfortunately I have no experience with that and don’t know how to fix this. Hopy someone else does.)


thank you for helping


is there any other forum i can ask this question and people answer me


I would suggest you try the Github issues for the Cordova plugins you use to send/handle push and for Crosswalk - this combination probably nobody popped up for anyone here.


if the app is open only one push arrives with app logo but if app is working in background two push arrives