How to detect bugs/crashes remotely with app already in market?

Is there any way to detect bugs/crashes details (error description, line, and so on…) with an app already in market?

Sometimes ago I used a service from Parse, called Parse Crash Detect. I was using this in my Android project (native). It was a piece of code which I added in my code, and if any errors happen it sent an information to my database detailing the crash, with code line which it happened, and type of the error.

Is there any similar solution to apply in Ionic ?

Thanks in advance,

Google for error tracking cordova or javascript :wink:

or you try to handle angular/javascript errors on your own like:

window.onerror for js errors
$exceptionHandler for angular errors

But it will not handle total app crashs i think because your app dies before it can execute all code.

Telerik has a nice service for error and issue tracking:

But if you want it free --> you can use google analytics error tracking.
Create custom funnels like you have 3 events --> FunctionA starts … something to drag … FunctionA ends. In your funnel you can see if all users gets to End of FunctionA after starting it.

It is a little bit hacky, but it works. And GA supports offline tracking :wink: