How to debug windows 10 UWP?

im just getting an an whitescreen on every Windows 10 UWP Application il compile and install.

Even created an clean example project by:

ionic start cutePuppyPics --v2

And addes platform windows:
ionic platform add windows

last but not least run it:
ionic run windows

-> it compiles and starts the application, but im just seeing an whitescreen.
How am i able to debug the applicaton?

Three things I’d try

  1. Delete your node_modules folder and do a npm install from the cmd, not Visual Studio
  2. Look at your Task Runner Explorer window and verify that there are no errors in it. When your project is built, a series of gulp tasks run, and should any of them fail you’ll see the output there.
  3. Once the project has fired up, look at your JavaScript console window and verify there are no issues.

In the beginning I had problems with npm not restoring packages properly in Visual Studio. This is because Visual Studio uses a different version of npm, than the one you install.