Ionic app crashing when installed on Windows 10


I have built an ionic app and add the windows platform. I am running the application on Windows 10.

I am able to run the app “CordovaApp.Windows (Windows 8.1)”, using Visual Studio 2015.

But when I create a package using VS 2015 (Store --> Create App Packages) and Run the package “Run with Powershell”, I can see the success message on the PS Command prompt - “Success: Your app was successfully installed.”. The application is installed on my system but not able to run the installed app.

Can I get some information how to debug the application when installed? Is there any way I can enable the logging.

On further investigating and checking the even log, I got to know the below log message:

ActivateApplicationForContractByAppIdAsUserWithHost of the app com.ionicframework.sampleapp809879_bzbj8h50hftv4!com.ionicframework.sampleapp809879 for the Windows.Launch contract failed with The remote procedure call failed…

Any help would be appreciated.

Vishal Mantri

I had my app startup and crash on Win10 until i updated VS2015 to Update 2 with the latest Windows 10 SDK tools

Thanks for your response.

After VS 2015 Update 2, I am facing the same issue. Some times the installed app run but most of the time it wont, simply crashed.

Please advise.

Try specifying the platform as windows specifically
ionic run windows -- --win

I am not running the app using CLI. I install the app using PS script generated by VS. Sometime it work with no issue but most of the time it crashes. I want the way to debug or see the log.