Ionic run windows 10 mobile/unversal app

I have added <preference name="windows-target-version" value="10.0" /> to my config but when i do ionic run windows i get the following errors

MSBuild v4.0 is not supported, aborting.

Error: AppPackages doesn’t exists

update: i can confirm that i can deploy to my phone and machine with vs2017 rc so the issue must be with ionic than my device or machine accepting uwp apps

anyone has an answer how i can deploy to a windows device?


Have you tried adding the platform via Ionic’s cli?
eg: ionic platform add PLATFORM_NAME


 ionic platform add windows
 Error: Platform windows already added.

Try to remove the line where you added it manually, then do
ionic platform remove windows ionic platform add windows

Also, do you have Visual Studio installed?

did both of those commands, and removed the manual line in config.xml, however the ionic platform add windows did not add anything to the config file, it does however add windows dir under platforms.

Also i have visual studio 2017 rc installed with latest update and as mentioned i managed to do a dummy app in vs and it works fine (uwp app)

I am facing a lot of problems for my application in Windows Phone 10. I am almost grinding my hair, this is driving me crazy. I looked at Ionic because it is a multiplatform framework “Develop once and deliver it in IOS, Android and Windows”. It does not really work that well. When you find a problem, you try to find information about it and it is very difficult to find something about it. Only IOS and Android are served with information.

I agree that in a market where Android 64%, IOS 32% and Windows (mobile) 1.5%, many will not give much attention to this platform.

My problem goes like this:

  • With the same code I already have an app in the Android Store posted.
  • I added <preference name = "windows-target-version" value = "10.0" /> in xml
  • I added ionic platform add windows.
  • I opened the project in Visual studio community 2017 RC ,.
  • I clicked on preview EVERYTHING WORKS A WONDER, PERFECT.

The problem starts from here.

  • I already have reservation of app name in Store Windows. So just link through the visual studio with your app in the store. This is very simple and quick to do.
  • But, when giving preview: the app opens and after the splash screen the screen turns white.

Has anyone ever experienced this?
Anyone successfully in Windows build, could you share your experience in the process steps?

Sorry zoinky if you invaded your post, but would like to strengthen discussions on Windows, which seems to be a long way from the community.

Facing a lot of problems yet you only mention 1 problem.
Have you tried to debug the app or did you just build it ? It looks like all you’ve done is added one line of XML and 1 CL line.

Usually debugging will show you the problem that is giving the white screen.

This is similar to using Google Chrome inspector on your android phone.

Faced with a lot of problems. This is a joke as I can explain, Brazilian thing. I will remove it from the post so it is not misunderstood. Disregard.
Before link app with the name reservation in the store, the debug runs like a marvel. After that the body tag is empty. I’m far from the project at the moment, but then I’ll see what’s on the console.
But thanks for the attention.

Sorry for pointing it out it seemed like you either had more problems and I wanted you to mention them if so.
When you get access to the project, download the apache tools for VS and try to debug via VS itself. The link I sent should help get it set up. The normal debug tools might not show cordova specific errors but I could be wrong.

In my case it was solved.
That was the problem.

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@zoinky I was also facing this problem and I just found the solution.
After Creating ionic project with --v2, I ran the command
ionic serve.

Then I added these preferences in config.xml
(sorry Preferences are not showing here because of this editor ,but its same as you mentioned in your comment. just add one more Preference with name=“windows-phone-target-version” value=“10.0”).

added the windows platform:
ionic platform add “windows@

went to the Project directory > platforms > windows
double click on
and Opened my Project in Visual Studio 2017.

and yahoo :grin: , its running fine now on both simulator and on real device(Nokia Lumia 650).

@Farhad_87 You say it s running fine now? I have managed to get it to work in the phone etc aswell. But i am facing other problems on win 10 phone, such as choppy / defect page transition animations, log response times ( + 1 sek ) when pressing a button etc. Do you have the same problem?

@A1development Page Transitions are same as in the other Platforms.
I have not applied any functionality yet, but I hope it will work fine now. May be , its because of the device you are using. Test it on some other device. Hope it will work.

@Farhad_87 I am using L950. What Version of Windows are you using? Are you in an insider Build ( Slow / Fast ) or on production?

Could you please do me a favor and run a quick test?
I submitted a bug report because of this transition problem

Maybe you could try to reproduce it and run it on your device. It should take about 3-5 minutes of your time and would help me alot.

Steps to reproduce:
ionic start pageTest super --v2
ionic platform add windows
ionic build windows --prod --release
Deploy on device

Once you have done it please check if it feels quick and looks ok?
For me it s not useable on my L950.

The Deploy on device bit, i went to the platforms/windows folder and opend the CordovaApp.sln in VS2017, set to release, arm and run on device.

Thank you in advance.

@A1development After applying a little bit functionality in my app I’m also facing slow performance issue in my app (Like Clicking a button or a list item). I think its the Platform issue. I’m using Nokia Lumia 650. This Link is giving a little bit info on how to Optimize our app under Before Packaging your app.
I haven’t tried it yet but I will, if I find it helpful , I will let you know.