How to debug when there is no error? loosing hope


I am losing hope with Ionic. I’ve built an app that works perfectly on browser. It used to work on Ios (it is published on the apple store). I use Typescript, so it is not coming from my code I am guessing.

Suddenly, during the development process, it stopped running on Ios. Sometime it does work, sometime not. I have no erro on transpilation or in running. I just don’t get it.

Today I have updated cordova and ionic. Build a new version… And it worked. I thought great. Then I changed ONLY

     <preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="4000"/>
      <preference name="FadeSplashScreenDuration" value="500"/>

and it is not working anymore… I just don’t get it. When I try to debug on safari, I don’t have any error…
It seems that if I do a full “rm” “add” ios, it is working. If I do “prepare” then “build” not working.
I just don’t understand what I can do to solve the problem as I don’t know what is the problem…

Thanks for your help,


What’s the behaviour you’re experiencing when it doesn’t work? If it’s at app startup then sometimes the debugger will miss some errors before it has time to connect to the device. To make sure you catch these, plug in your phone, start the app, open the debugger, and then hit the refresh button in the debugger to reload the application while the app is already running.

Did you start your application “only” with the command “ionic run ios”?

try to add more log to your command like “ionic run -c -s ios” or what I like to do in such cases, I start the app with/in Xcode and have a look at the xcode console to find out what errors are produced.

Hope this will help you to find your problem.

Thanks for your answers.

I build it and run it from xcode.

When it doesnt start… It just doesnt start. I got my “index.html” and that s all.

I did the refresh thing! I ve already knew that tips, but it is very helpful.

I ll try the command you suggest.

Stéphane Delecroix

Xcode gave you an error back? could you copy/paste here the stacktrace of the Xcode’s console?

Not sure I gonna be able to help but maybe with a little more stacktrace someone would