Debugging with Ionic View

I have developed my first app with Ionic. After, I wanted to try Ionic View. I find this extremely interesting because I want to showcase the app to a small group of people without having to register to Apple (not yet!).

The app works perfectly in the browser and with ios emulate, but there’s a bug happening only with Ionic View.

First, I’m not able to properly debug. I can use alert to try to find out what’s going on, but to me, that sounds completely wrong. Remote debugging with Safari somehow doesn’t work with Ionic View. Or am I doing something wrong?

Second, if I can’t use Ionic View, then I am screwed: that means I can’t show the app to my clients unless I install the app in their phone. (It’s a multiuser app: I can’t simply show the screen of any device, the user has to have it on its own device).

Finally, what if there’s a bug in Ionic View? How can we tell? After all, my app behaves perfectly both in the browser and in the emulator. But without a proper debugging solution (with Ionic View, must I say), I can’t find out what exactly causes this.

Any thoughts about a tool, a method or a solution to debug in Ionic View? Otherwise, it makes it completely unuseful…

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I’m having the exact same problem. All is fine when building for Android, all is fine in the browser but it ain’t working in Ionic View. And there is no way of knowing what exactly is going wrong.